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001 Beggar's Opera (Revival)
Joué durant  2 semaines - Bridewell Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: jeu 30 septembre 1999
Première: mardi 05 octobre 1999
Dernière: sam 23 octobre 1999

Metteur en scène:
Adrian Jackson •  

Dele Adagunodo (Peachum), Mary King (Mrs Peachum), Victoria Ward (Polly Peachum), James Staddon (Macheath), Alexandra Howlett (Jenny Diver), Sophie Langham (Lucy Lockitt), Graham Kent (Lockitt) 


This was a joint production between the English National Opera’s outreach programme and Cardboard Citizens, Britain’s only professional theatre company for the homeless. The anticipation was a telling comment on how little had changed from the 18th century’s attitude to the poor and the ruling class. But the end result was felt to be a bit of a mess: the show was frequently interrupted with video-diary sound-bites from both fictional characters and today’s real homeless projected on a bank of TV monitors; the action was held up with some strange karaoke-type pop songs including “Love and Marriage”, “It’s Not Unusual”, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” and even “Jealousy”, sung by Lucy Lockit strapped into a wheelchair. . . It was generally considered to be well-intentioned, but an experiment that had not quite come off.  (plus) 

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