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001 City of Angel (Revival)   
Joué durant   - Landor Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: mar 29 septembre 1998
Première: mardi 29 septembre 1998
Dernière: dim 04 octobre 1998

Metteur en scène:
Eileen Gourlay •  
Tim Taylor •  

Andrew Bain (Stein), Russell Wilcox (Stone), Claire Carpenter (Oolie/Donna), Jody Hall (Buddy Fidler), Claire Bryan, Beth Eden. Serena Giacomini. Matthew Gould, Barbara Hastings, William Wolfe Hogan, Abigail Hopkins, Anthony O’Driscoll 


This was not a success. Following a string of “fringe” revivals, many critics were suggesting that small-scale, cut-down versions of established West End/Broadway musicals enabled the audience to concentrate more on the works themselves, and brought some interesting gains. However, not in this case. Fringe productions needed to be completely re-thought. This was just an attempt to produce West End glitz on a shoestring, and it failed.  (plus) 

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