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001 Marguerite (Recréation)
Joué durant   - Jiří Myron Theatre (Ostrava - République Tchèque)

Première preview: jeu 02 décembre 2010
Première: jeudi 02 décembre 2010
Dernière: Inconnu

Metteur en scène:
Gabriela Haukvicová •  



This production was entirely different from the original staging in London, completely rewritten book and lyrics by Alain Boublil and his wife Marie Zamora. New musical numbers were written by Michel Legrand and completely new orchestration added by William David Brohn. This new version was produced by the subsidized theatre NDM (National Moravian Silesian Theatre) in Czech, with lyrics by Michael Prostejovsky. The Czech creative team was led by director Gabriela Haukvicová. The main actress Hana Fialová in the leading role was nominated for the Thalie Award in the category "operetta, musical and other musical-dramatic genres" for outstanding female stage performance.  (plus) 

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