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001 Fields of Ambrosia (The) (Original)
Joué durant  1 semaine - Aldwych Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

13 représentations 

Première preview: lun 22 janvier 1996
Première: mercredi 31 janvier 1996
Dernière: dim 11 février 1996

Metteur en scène:
Gregory S. Hurst •  
David Toguri •  

Joel Higgins (Jonas Candide), Christine Andreas (Gretchen Herzallerliebst), Mark Joseph (Jimmy Crawford), Mark Heenehan (Malcolm), Michael Fenton Stevens, Roger Leach, 


This show has gone down in musical annals as one of the most gloriously awful shows of all time, making “Springtime for Hitler” look like a triumph of good taste.
In a sub-plot we are introduced to Jimmy Crawford, a wimpish young mortician who is gang-raped by two prisoners (and proceeds to sing a song “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. . . I was just ten when I lost my mother”. As compensation, Jonas takes Jimmy for an orgiastic session at the local brothel. The prison warden, Malcolm, attempts to rape Christine, but then settles for one of the male prisoners. Jonas manages to get the prostitutes into the prison as part of his plan to recue Christine - and so it goes on! This most preposterous story includes two shooting fatalities, a public execution, and a dramatic fire explosion at the end as the lovers float heaven-wards in a cloud of dry-ice and fairy lights. An all-time stinker that closed almost as soon as it opened, it had been enthusiastically received in its 1993 premiere in New Jersey, USA., but lost its entire £1.3 million investment in London.  (plus) 

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