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001 HMS Pinafore (Revival)
Joué durant   - Old Vic (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: Inconnu
Première: mardi 22 avril 1986
Dernière: Inconnu

Metteur en scène:
Joe Dowling •  
Mavis Ascott •  

Alan Devlin (Sir Joseph Porter), Anita Reeves (Buttercup), William Relton (Ralph Rackstraw), Michelle Todd (Josephine), Paul Bentley (Captain Corcoran), John Kavanagh (Dick Deadeye) 


This production had originated at the Gaiety Theatre Dublin in July 1985, and been revived at the Opera House Manchester in 1986 as part of a UK tour. This was a fixed length season at the Old Vic and was much praised for its originality, its very modern approach, and its sheer good fun. However, it did not get the West End transfer it hoped for - and deserved.  (plus) 

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