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001 Company (Revival)
Joué durant  3 semaines - Southwark Playhouse (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: mer 02 février 2011
Première: mercredi 09 février 2011
Dernière: mer 02 mars 2011

Metteur en scène:
Joe Fredericks •  
Sam Spencer-Lane •  

Rupert Young (Robert), Siobhan McCarthy (Joanne), Julia J. Nagle (Jenny) ,Poppy Roe (Kathy), Leigh McDonald (Sarah), Cassidy Janson (Amy), Katie Brayben (April), Steven Serlin (David), Matthew White, Adam Venus, Greg Castiglioni, Mark Curry, Laura Main, Michelle Bishop 


Performed with a six-piece band, the show was updated in locale to present-day New York but this was generally felt to be a mistake. The gender politics, language and hang-ups about marriage seemed very much a portrait of the 1960s - and didn’t ring true in a setting some 40 years later.  (plus) 

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