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001 My one and only (Original London)
Joué durant  5 mois 1 semaine - Piccadilly Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

183 représentations 

Première preview: sam 09 février 2002
Première: lundi 25 février 2002
Dernière: sam 03 août 2002

Metteur en scène:
Loveday Ingram •  
Craig Revel Horwood •  

Tim Flavin (Captain Billy Buck), Janie Dee (Edythe), Hilton McRae (Prince Nikki), Jenny Galloway (Mickey), Richard Calkin (Revd. Montgomery), Richard Lloyd King (Mr Magix), Paul J. Medford, Horace Oliver, Mykal Rand, Omar F. Okai, Kevin Brewis. 


This show started life as a revival of the Gershwins’1927 musical “Funny Face”, but by the time it opened in New York in May 1983 it had been given a new story, cut half the original songs and added numbers from other Gershwin shows); and had gone through 4 directors and 6 librettists. Given a new title, “My One and Only”, ran for 767 Broadway performances starring Twiggy and Tommy Tune. Its UK premiere was at Chichester in July 2001, and transferred to the West End. It generally received good notices, with special praise for the choreography but only managed 183 performances and a five month run.  (plus) 

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