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001 No way to treat a Lady (Original)
Joué durant  2 semaines - Arts theatre - Main stage (Londres - Angleterre)

25 représentations 

Première preview: mer 29 juillet 1998
Première: lundi 03 août 1998
Dernière: dim 23 août 1998

Metteur en scène:
Neil Marcus •  
Donna McKechnie •  

Paul Brown (Morris Brummell), Joan Savage (Flora Brummell), Tim Flavin (Christopher Gill), Donna McKechnie (Alexandra Gill, Mrs Sullivan, Carmella, Sadie), Joanna Riding (Sarah Stone), Bruce Alexander, Kate Graham, Clare Rimmer, James Spilling. 


Based on the novel by William Goldman and the 1967 film starring Lee Remick and Rod Steiger, this had a top-class star cast appearing in what was generally regarded as London’s tackiest theatre and a very cheap production. Donna McKechnie playing all the murder victims and Kit’s mother, Joan Savage as a superbly funny Jewish mother, Tim Flavin, top-quality dancer and singer - all were highly praised, but the show itself received very mixed notices and ran just three weeks.  (plus) 

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