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001 Maggie May (Original)
Joué durant   - Adelphi Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: Inconnu
Première: mardi 22 septembre 1964
Dernière: Inconnu

Metteur en scène:
Ted Kotcheff •  
Paddy Stone •  

A Balladeer ... Barry Humphries / Young Priest ... Stephen Taylor / Mrs. O'Brien ... Janette Gail / Mrs. Casey ... Margo Cunningham / Mother Monica ... Charlotte Howard / Maggie May (as a child) ... Margaret Howe / Sister Mary ... Janet Webb / Patrick Casey (as a child) ... Malcolm Collingham / Mrs. Nugent ... Marie Conmee / Parish Priest ... Vernon Rees / Willie Morgan ... Andrew Keir / Margaret Mary Duffy (Maggie May) ... Rachel Roberts (i) / Maureen O'Neill ... Diana Quiseekay / 1st Chinese Sailor ... Vincent Mansi / 2nd Chinese Sailor ... Stanley Fleet / Milkman ... Fred Evans / Children ... Carol Bird, Jacqueline Lewis, Terry Brooks, Peter Newton / Old Dooley ... Paul Farrell / Eric Dooley ... John Junkin / Cogger Johnston ... Michael Forrest / T.C. (Terry Collins) ... Billy Boyle / Gene Kiernan ... Geoffrey Hughes / Patrick Casey ... Kenneth Haigh / Stevedore ... Joe Sealy / Crane Driver ... Geof L'Cise / Nora Mulqueen ... Marie Conmee / Ned ... Stanley Fleet / Miss Singleton ... Paula Bell / Police Sergeant ... Shaun Curry / The Nocturns ... David Wilcox, David Foley, David Elias (i), Francis Sloan, Keith Draper / Police Inspector ... Vernon Rees / Sergeant Corporal ... Vincent Mansi 


This was another success for Lionel Bart, who by this time was riding high as one of the most successful musical theatre composers of his generation. The run itself was beset with difficulties, many stemming from Rachel Robert’s personal traumas and alcohol problems. Her young understudy, Julia McKenzie, took over on several occasions. The leading role was later taken by Georgia Brown and then Judith Bruce.  (plus) 

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