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001 Tory Boyz (Revival)
Joué durant  1 mois 3 semaines - Ambassadors Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: mar 24 septembre 2013
Première: mercredi 02 octobre 2013
Dernière: mer 27 novembre 2013

Metteur en scène:
Thomas Hescott •  

National Youth Theatre Company: Laurence Baker, Louisa Beadel, Miguel Brooking, Sope Dirisu, Sophie Ellerby, Aruhan Galieva, Aaron Gordon, Zainab Hasan, Simon Lennon, Niall McNamee, Tom Prior, Abigail Rose, Anna Spearpoint, Tom Thompson , Daisy Whalley. 


The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain is a youth arts organisation. It was established in 1956 as the first youth theatre in the world and over the past 57 years it has nurtured the talent of hundreds of thousands of young people. The National Youth Theatre inspires, trains, and showcases performers and theatre technicians aged 14-25 from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  (plus) 

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