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Killing Rasputin (1998)

Compositeur: James McConnel

Parolier: Kit Hesketh-Harvey

Librettiste: Kit Hesketh-Harvey • Stephen Clark

Killing Rasputin is an interesting attempt to look afresh at an already much documented incident in 20th century history. Ultimately, the effort is overcome by its unwillingness to look beyond popular misconceptions about the event itself. Rather than the mad monk, the central figure of the piece is the not uninteresting Prince Felix Yusupov, heir to one of the greatest fortunes in Russia, known for his fondness for transvestism and sexual debauchery and one of the three men involved in Rasputin's murder in 1916.

Généralités: Histoire, thèmes et particularités


When we first meet Yusupov he is a transvestite performing in a St Petersburgh night-club trying to seduce Dmitri Romanov, nephew to the Tsar. His meeting with Rasputin, however signals a spiritual transformation but as Yusupov begins to abandon the trappings of his decadent life, Rasputin correspondingly descends into spiritual degeneration dragging the imperial family down with him. To save the Romanov dynasty and the Russia he loves Yusupov has only one option: to kill his erstwhile saviour.

Synopsis complet


1 Killing Rasputin peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical

2 Killing Rasputin s'intéresse à un personnage historique important: Raspoutine.

3 Killing Rasputin s'intéresse à un événement historique important: Fin de l'Empire tsariste.


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Version 1

Killing Rasputin (1998-11-Bridewell Theatre-London) (Original)
Durée : 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : mercredi 25 novembre 1998
Première : mercredi 25 novembre 1998
Dernière : samedi 16 janvier 1999
Mise en scène : Ian Brown
Chorégraphie : Jozef Houben
Avec : Hal Fowler (Prince Felix Yusupov), Jerome Pradon (Rasputin), Andrew Halliday (Grand Duke Dimitri Romanov), Meredith Braun (Princess Irina Romanov), Gay Soper (Tsarina Alexandra), Terry Bolton/Jamie Rockall (Tsarevitch Alexei).
Commentaires :
A sung-through piece with some 33 songs, this received a very mixed critical response: admiration for the performances and the attempt to create a “serious” musical, but general indifference to the unfocussed and humourless.
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