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This was a follow-up to “Side by Side by Sondheim”, with a similar format, though this time using filmed sequences and recordings featuring Sondheim himself in place of the earlier narrator. It was staged to mark Sondheim’s 70th birthday.


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Liste des chansons

Act One
• Medley
◦ Our Time - Company [from Merrily We Roll Along]
◦ Opening Doors - Company [from Merrily We Roll Along]
• Medley
◦ Move On - Company [from Sunday in the Park With George]
◦ I Know Things Now - Linzi Hateley [from Into the Woods]
◦ Everybody Says Don't - Company [from Anyone Can Whistle]
◦ Take Me to the World - Linzi Hateley and Robert Meadmore [from Evening Primrose]
• Medley
◦ Who Wants to Live in New York? - Company [part of Opening Doors from Merrily We Roll Along]
◦ What More Do I Need? - Belinda Lang [from Saturday Night]
• Me and My Town - Angela Richards with Geoffrey Abbott and Robert Meadmore [from Anyone Can Whistle]
• Another Hundred People - Linzi Hateley and Company [from Company]
• Broadway Baby - Angela Richards [from Follies]
• Medley *
◦ All for You - Belinda Lang and Robert Meadmore [from Saturday Night]
◦ A Moment with You - Linzi Hateley and Geoffrey Abbott [from Saturday Night]
•Medley *
◦ That Old Piano Roll - Geoffrey Abbott [cut from Follies]
◦ Ah, Paris! - Belinda Lang [from Follies]
◦ By the Sea - Angela Richards [from Sweeney Todd]
◦ Sunday - Company [from Sunday in the Park With George]
• Medley
◦ Someone is Waiting - Robert Meadmore and Geoffrey Abbott [from Company]
◦ Multitudes of Amy - Robert Meadmore [cut from Company]
◦ No, Mary Ann - Geoffrey Abbott [written for The Thing of It Is, unproduced]
◦ Johanna - Robert Meadmore [from Sweeney Todd]
• Medley
◦ I Do Like You - Angela Richards and Geoffrey Abbott [cut from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum]
◦ Old Friends - Company [from Merrily We Roll Along]
◦ Side By Side By Side - Company [from Company]

Act Two
• Medley *
◦ Everybody Ought to Have a Maid - [from from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum]
◦ Hello Little Girl - [from Into the Woods]
◦ Everybody Ought to Have a Maid (reprise) - [from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum]
◦ Something's Coming - [from West Side Story]
◦ Everything's Coming Up Roses - [from Gypsy]
• Medley
◦ Loving You - Angela Richards [from Passion]
◦ Not a Day Goes By - Belinda Lang [from Merrily We Roll Along]
◦ So Many People - Linzi Hateley [from Saturday Night]
• The Miller's Son - Linzi Hateley [from A Little Night Music]
• Medley
◦ Goodbye for Now - Robert Meadmore [from Reds]
◦ I Wish I Could Forget You - Geoffrey Abbott [from Passion]
• Medley
◦ Pretty Women - Robert Meadmore and Geoffrey Abbott [from Sweeney Todd]
◦ Ah, But Underneath - Belinda Lang [from Follies]
• In Buddy's Eyes - Angela Richards [from Follies]
• A Parade in Town * - [from Anyone Can Whistle]
• Water Under the Bridge - Angela Richards, Linzi Hateley and Belinda Lang [written for Singing Out Loud, unproduced]
• Move On * - [from Sunday in the Park with George]
• There Won't Be Trumpets - Robert Meadmore and Geoffrey Abbott [cut from Anyone Can Whistle]
• Medley
◦ With So Little to Be Sure Of - Company [from Anyone Can Whistle]
◦ Our Time - Company [from Merrily We Roll Along]

• Bows: Back in Business * [from Dick Tracy]

* These selections are not on the cast recording.

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Version 1

Moving on (2000-07-Bridewell Theatre-London) (Original)
Durée : 1 mois
Nombre : 32 représentations
Première Preview : mercredi 19 juillet 2000
Première : mercredi 19 juillet 2000
Dernière : samedi 19 août 2000
Mise en scène : David Kernan
Chorégraphie : Warren Carlyle
Avec : Geoffrey Abbot, Linzi Hateley, Belinda Lang, Robert Meadmore, Angela Richards
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