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The work premiered at the Buxton Festival and then in London at the Lyric Hammersmith beginning on December 18, 1982 with a cast including Sarah Brightman as the title character, Nightingale. In the U.S. a staged reading of the show was given by the First All Children's Theatre in New York in May 1982.[1] The group then gave a preview of the work in New York in March 1983 before the North American premiere at "The Barns" at Wolf Trap, Wolf Trap, Virginia, in April 1983.[2] Since then, the show has been performed numerous times throughout the world.



Liste des chansons

1. Prologue - Orchestra
2. Perfect Harmony - Company
3. Why Am I So Happy? - The Maid
4. Take Us To the Forest - Company
5. Who Are These People - Nightingale
6. Never Speak Directly to an Emperor - Palace Guards
7. Nightingale - Company
8. The Emperor is a Man - The Maid
9. I Was Lost - Emperor / Nightingale
10. Charming - Two Peacocks
11. A Singer Must Be Free - Nightingale
12. The Mechanical Bird - The Company / Mechanical Bird
13. Please Don't Make Me Hear That Song Again - Company / Mechanical Bird
14. Rivers Cannot Flow Upwards - The Maid, Nightingale
15. Death Duet - Death, Emperor, Maid and Nightingale
16. We Are China - Company

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Version 1

Nightingale (The) (Version Strouse) (1982-12-Lyric Hammersmith-London) (Original)
Durée : 1 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : samedi 18 décembre 1982
Première : mercredi 22 décembre 1982
Dernière : samedi 29 janvier 1983
Mise en scène : Peter James
Chorégraphie :
Avec : Andrew Shore (Narrator) Sarah Brightman (The Nightingale), Gordon Sandison (Emperor) , Susannah Fellows (Palace Maid), Carole Brooke (Mechanical Nightingale), Jill Pert & Dinah Harris (The Peacocks) Michael Heath, Roy Skelton
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