"Andrew Lloyd Webber has entered his second childhood, and it turns out to be a good career move. For his latest offering...this lordly British composer has been hanging out with fifth graders. Youth, it would seem, is rejuvenating." (The New York Times

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Dans School of Rock – The Musical, Dewey Finn, un rocker qui n’a jamais réussi, postule comme remplaçant dans une prestigieuse école préparatoire pour tenter de s’en sortir financièrement. Quand il Découvre les talents musicaux de ses élèves, il crée avec eux un groupe de rock…

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Le musical propose une partition originale composée par Andrew Lloyd Webber et des paroles de Glenn Slater, s'ajoutant à la musique du film de 2003. Il propose 12 chansons originales et 3 reprises du film.


Historique du musical


The musical is based on the 2003 film School of Rock.[1] The film itself was produced on a budget of $35 million,[2] earning over $131 million in global box office receipts.[3] The

Génèse du musical

The show's premiere production is scheduled to begin previews at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York, on 9 November 2015, with its official opening night coming on 6 December, with tickets going on sale on 11 June. The production had originally been slated to begin previews on 2 November. On January 19, 2015 the audition process opened for children ages nine through fifteen in cooperation with the School of Rock after-school educational program (which predated the film by several years) with open calls in New York City, at the Winter Garden theatre, with further calls in Los Angeles and Chicago.
On 29 May 2015, it was revealed that Alex Brightman would play the role of Dewey Finn, which was originated in the film by Jack Black and that developmental staged concerts would be held at the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan, in June 2015, in front of a select audience. Further casting includes Sierra Boggess as headmistress Rosalie.
On 7 December 2015, following the show's Broadway opening, it was announced by Andrew Lloyd Webber that the show will transfer to the London Palladium in London's West End in autumn 2016, with performance dates to be announced in early 2016. A U.S. Tour was also announced which will start performances in late 2017. Youth production rights were opened for applications prior to the show opening on Broadway.



Liste des chansons

Act I
"I'm Too Hot for You" – No Vacancy and Dewey
"When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock" – Dewey
"Horace Green Alma Mater" – Rosalie, Students and Teachers
"Here at Horace Green" – Rosalie
"Variation 7" – Dewey and Ned
"Children of Rock" – Dewey and Ned
"Mount Rock (Reprise)" – Patty
"Queen of the Night" – Rosalie, Dewey and Gabe
"You're in the Band" – Dewey and Students
"You're in the Band (Reprise)" – Dewey and Students
"If Only You Would Listen" – Students
"In the End of Time (A Cappella Version)" – Dewey
"Faculty Quadrille" – Teachers
"In the End of Time (Band Practice)" – Dewey and Students
"Stick It to the Man" – Dewey and Students
"In the End of Time (The Audition)" – Dewey and Students
"Stick It to the Man (Reprise)" – Dewey and Students

Act II
"Time to Play" – Summer and Students
"Amazing Grace" – Tomika
"Math Is a Wonderful Thing" – Dewey and Students
"Where Did the Rock Go?" – Rosalie
"School of Rock (Band Practice)" – Dewey and Students
"Dewey's Confession" – Dewey, Rosalie, Patty, Ned and Parents
"If Only You Would Listen (Reprise)" – Students
"I'm Too Hot for You (Reprise)" – No Vacancy
"School of Rock" – Dewey and Students
"Stick It to the Man (Encore)" – Dewey and Students
"Finale" – Full Company

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Versions du musical

Versions majeures de School of Rock

Version 1

School of Rock (2015-12-Winter Garden Theatre-Broadway) (Original)
Durée : 2 ans 1 mois Se joue actuellement
Nombre :
Première Preview : mercredi 21 octobre 2015
Première : vendredi 04 décembre 2015
Dernière : Open end, ouvert actuellement jusqu'au dim. 07 janvier 2018
Mise en scène : Laurence Connor
Chorégraphie : Joanne Hunter
Avec : Alex Brightman (Dewey Finn), Sierra Boggess (Rosalie Mullins), Spencer Moses (Ned), Mamie Parris (Patty), Evie Dolan (Katie), Carly Gendell (Marcy), Ethan Khusidman (Mason), Bobbie MacKenzie (Tomika), Dante Melucci (Freddy), Brandon Niederauer (Zack), Luca Padovan (Billy), Jared Parker (Lawrence) and Isabella Russo (Summer)
Commentaires :
Not since 1971 has Andrew Lloyd-Webber launched a show on Broadway before London's West End, so we can expect that this new production, that will mix songs from the movie with brand new songs by the iconic composer and lyricist Glenn Slater, will be a rockin' spectacular! Oh, and the book comes from Julian Fellowes, the writer of a "relatively unknown" TV show called Downtown Abbey. Nope, we've never heard of it either....
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Version 2

School of Rock (2016-11-New London Theatre-London) (Original Europe)
Durée : 2 ans 2 mois Se joue actuellement
Nombre :
Première Preview : lundi 24 octobre 2016
Première : lundi 14 novembre 2016
Dernière : Open end, ouvert actuellement jusqu'au dim. 13 janvier 2019
Mise en scène : Laurence Connor
Chorégraphie : Joanne Hunter
Avec : David Fynn (Dewey Finn), Florence Andrews (Rosalie Mullins), Oliver Jackson (Ned Schneebly), Preeya Kalidas (Patty Di Marco), Gary Trainor (alternate Dewey), Jonathan Bourne, Nadeem Crowe, Michelle Francis, Rosanna Hyland, Cassandra McCowan, Joel Montague, Andy Rees, Cameron Sharp, Tasha Sheridan, Andrew Spillett and Lucy Vandi and swings, Charlotte Bradford, Jason Denton, Cellen Chugg James, Chris Jenkins, Alfie Parker and Charlotte Scott. Child cast: Tom Abisgold, Toby Lee, Jake Slack (Zach), Bailey Cassell, Jude Harper-Wrobel and Noah Key (Freddy), Giles Carden, Oscar Francisco, James Lawson (Lawrence), Selma Hansen, Lois Jenkins Sophia Pettit (Katie), Isabelle Methven, Lucy Simmonds, Eva Trodd (Summer), Madeleine Haynes, Leah Levman, Natasha Raphael (Marcy), Jaydah Bell-Ricketts, Shoshana Ezequiel, Amelia Poggenpoel (Shonelle), Lola Moxom, Mia Roberts, Grace Schnieder (Sophia), Nicole Dube, Amma Ris, Adithi Sujith (Tomika), Jobe Hart, Joshua Vaughan, Logan Walmsley (Billy), Presley Charman, Lucas Chow, Ben Dawson (Mason). Bradley Bissett, Denzel Eboji, Sonny Kirby (Mason), Zachary Dowlatshahi,Harry Egerton, Jacob Swann (Madison).
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School of Rock (2015-12-Winter Garden Theatre-Broadway)

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