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[title of show] (2006)

Lyceum Theatre
Broadway - Etats-Unis

17/07/2008 > 12/10/2008

Détails de cette production  


Lyceum Theatre - Broadway - Etats-Unis


Première Preview: samedi 05 juillet 2008
Première: jeudi 17 juillet 2008
Dernière: dimanche 12 octobre 2008



Mise en scène:
Michael Berresse
Michael Berresse


"The wit and energy of its execution and the warmth of its performers keep the show from being a mere compendium of in-jokes and metatheatrical gags. Mr. Bowen’s lyrics are often clever, his tunes ear-friendly but melodically substantial enough not to sound too wan in a keyboard-only arrangement" (Charles Isherwood-New York Times)
"Bowen's melodies and harmonies are gems, and his bright lyrics offer insight into everything from self-doubt ("Die, Vampire, Die!") and friendship ("What Kind of Girl Is She?") to integrity ("Nine People's Favorite Thing")." & "It has far more savvy and soul than a few flashier shows combined." (Joe Dziemianowicz-New York Daily News)
"This is minimalism shoved down to the vanishing point." & "But when the self-conscious and terminally cute and the pixie-like fey are all mixed up with self-congratulatory smugness, it results in a piece of - oh, let's call it garbage. The music and lyrics are not up to much (in fact, they're up to very little), and the book - apart from the original concept of being on the musical's own assembly line - is slight." (Clive Barnes-New York Post)
"A lovely and surprisingly resonant creation by composer Jeff Bowen and writer Hunter Bell." & "Director Michael Berresse magically makes the precisely-choreographed movement of his actors look completely spontaneous, which lends vivid immediacy to the production." & "A sharp, entertaining look at the agonies and ecstasies of making theater today." (Michael Sommers-Star-Ledger)
"A familiar problem at birthdays is what to give the celebrant who has everything. The problem with reviewing '[title of show],' a vest-pocket and sweaty-collar musical, is what to say about a show that has nothing." & "90 minutes' worth of unremitting torture for anyone with a shred of good taste, discernment and normal eardrums." (John Simon-Bloomberg)
"But the bottom line about this musical is talent: Both creators have oodles of it. Bowen's songs are sharp and witty in a conventional Broadway mode, and Bell's dialogue - which pretends to be happening in "real time," as the show evolves before us onstage - is similarly droll and topical. And both guys happen to be solid performers, as are the women with whom they share the stage." & "It's fresh, smart and funny. And those virtues are timeless." (Jacques Le Sourd-Journal News)
"May be small – that’s the point, actually – but it produces some of the best laughs on Broadway." & "The music in “[title of show]” is no more than serviceable, but Bowen’s lyrics and Bell’s book are whip-smart. And the performances are totally ingratiating." & "A terrifically appealing mix of tart and sweet that’s funny all over. It deserves a happy Broadway ending." (Robert Feldberg-The Record)
"A slyly funny yet surprisingly sweet-tempered look at following your dreams and remaining true to yourself as you suffer _ and suffer _ the pangs of artistic creation. " (Michael Kuchwara-Associated Press)
"Stands pathetically naked on Broadway." & "The backstage show by Hunter Bell (book) and Jeff Bowen (score) is revealed in all its narcissism, flaunting its shallow aesthetic values and taking unseemly pride in its inflated ambitions." (Marilyn Staio-Variety)



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Version 1

Lyceum Theatre à Broadway (Original Broadway)
Durée : 2 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 13 previews - 102 représentations
Première Preview : sam 05 juillet 2008
Première : jeu 17 juillet 2008
Dernière : dim 12 octobre 2008
Mise en scène : Michael Berresse
Chorégraphie : Michael Berresse
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Version 2

Vineyard Theatre à Broadway (Off) (Original)
Durée : 7 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : dim 26 février 2006
Première : dim 26 février 2006
Dernière : dim 01 octobre 2006
Mise en scène : Michael Berresse
Chorégraphie : Michael Berresse
Avec :
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