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9 to 5 (2009)

Marquis Theatre
Broadway - Etats-Unis

30/04/2009 > 06/09/2009

Détails de cette production  


Marquis Theatre - Broadway - Etats-Unis


Première Preview: mardi 07 avril 2009
Première: jeudi 30 avril 2009
Dernière: dimanche 06 septembre 2009



Mise en scène:
Joe Mantello
Andy Blankenbuehler


"Overinflated whoopee cushion" (Ben Brantley-New York Times) / "If you're looking for a little diversion, it will do the trick from 8 to 10:15." (Joe Dziemianowicz-New York Daily News) / "Goofily entertaining show." (Elisabeth Vincentelli-New York Post) / "It plunges one into a mindlessly passive euphoria." (John Simon-Bloomberg) / "If seeing Y-chromosome-addled cartoon characters get their due is your idea of an empowering experience, or at least a good time, 9 to 5 has your number." (Elysa Gardner-USA Today) / "Lavish and harmless entertainment" (Linda Winner-NewsDay) / "Unquestionably entertaining and likely to be pleasing Broadway audiences for some time." (Erik Haagensen-Back Stage) / ""9 To 5" rates a 5 for content but the razzle dazzle factor earns a 9. Depending on your taste for mindless extravaganza, the show's overall score is somewhere in between." (Roma Torre-NY1) "This overblown musical is bound to cause a division between critics looking for freshness and audience members all too eager for theatrical comfort food." (Frank Scheck-Hollywood Reporter) / ""9 to 5: The Musical" is a mixed bag. Savor it for Parton's songs and the three women who sing most of them. They make the case for the show being more than just another workday event." (Michael Kuchwara-Associated Press) / "The promising material and terrific performers are too often sold short by clumsy story-building, overwhelming sets and unfocused direction." (David Rooney-Variety)"



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CD de cette production

2009-05-Original Broadway Cast

Stephanie J. Block •
Date de sortie:
Type de CD:
Stage Cast •
Nombre de CD:
1 pour un total de 18 tracks
Ioana Alfonso, Timothy George Anderson, Jennifer Balagna, Stephanie J. Block, Justin Bohon, Paul Castree, Dan Cooney, Jeremy Davis, Kathy Fitzgerald, Autumn Gazzurdi, Gaelen Gilliland, Ann Harada, Neil Haskell, Megan Hilty, Lisa Howard, Van Hughes, Allison Janney, Andy Karl, Marc Kudisch, Michael X. Martin, Michael Mindlin, Karen Murphy, Mike Myars, Justin Patterson, Jessica Lea Patty, Charlie Pollock, Tory Ross, Wayne Schroder, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Brandi Wooten
01. 9 to 5 -- Janney, Hilty, Pollack, Block, Company
02. Around Here -- Janney, Harada, Wilson, Company
03. Here For You -- Kudisch
04. I Just Might -- Block, Janney, Hilty, Company
05. Backwoods Barbie -- Hilty
06. The Dance Of Death -- Block, Kudisch
07. Cowgirl's Revenge -- Hilty, Kudisch
08. Potion Notion -- Janney, Kudisch
09. Joy To The Girls -- Janney, Hilty, Block, Company
10. Heart To Heart -- Fitzgerald, Wilson, Company
11. Shine Like The Sun -- Janney, Hilty, Block, Kudisch, Company
12. One Of The Boys -- Janney, Male Company
13. 5 to 9 -- Fitzgerald
14. Always A Woman -- Kudisch, Male Company
15. Change It -- Hilty, Block, Janney, Company
16. Let Love Grow -- Karl, Janney
17. Get Out And Stay Out -- Block
18. Finale (9 to 5) -- Janney, Hilty, Block, Full Company
Dolly Parton's country crossover hit "9 to 5" has become a staple of pop radio and karaoke set lists because of its indelible chorus and lyrics that any working stiff can relate to. On this original cast album of the musical (based on the movie), the song gets the Broadway treatment, augmented with extra measures for maximum dramatic effect and multiple singing parts. The effect is not quite the same as hearing Dolly's pert-n-populist rendition, but it is a vivid reimagining with the same spunky attitude as the original. The rest of the numbers, written by Parton, are pure cornball, but in most cases delightfully so. Allison Janney strikes just the right brassy tone on "Around Here" and Marc Kudisch and Stephanie Block create heat on the slinky "The Dance o' Death." Megan Hilty has the appropriately theatrical twang for Parton's previously recorded "Backwoods Barbie." "Get Out and Stay Out" is a somewhat ordinary piano ballad fleshed out with Block's powerful and expressive vocals. The rest of the songs seem thin without an accompanying visual spectacle, but for fans of the Broadway show, the album is a solid memento of a fun evening at the theater.


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Ahmanson Theatre à Los Angeles (Pre-Broadway Try Out)
Durée : 4 semaines
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Première Preview : mar 09 septembre 2008
Première : sam 20 septembre 2008
Dernière : dim 19 octobre 2008
Mise en scène : Joe Mantello
Chorégraphie : Andy Blankenbuehler
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Marquis Theatre à Broadway (Original Broadway)
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Nombre : 24 previews - 148 représentations
Première Preview : mar 07 avril 2009
Première : jeu 30 avril 2009
Dernière : dim 06 septembre 2009
Mise en scène : Joe Mantello
Chorégraphie : Andy Blankenbuehler
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