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Phoenix Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


The opening image has the coffin of Elvis Presley being loaded onto a hearse, and then the story is told in flashback - the older, bloated and self-mocking Elvis in the last month of his life, when he has become a manic pill-popper, sated with adulation, possessing everything he wanted his money to buy. And then the younger unmatchable, legendary brilliant performer who changed the history of pop music.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: mardi 13 août 1985
Dernière: samedi 05 juillet 1986



Mise en scène:
Robin Lefevre
Martin Shaw (Elvis Presley), Simon Bowman (Young Elvis), Roger Booth (Colonel Tom Parker) , Michael Keating, Paul Ridley, Peter Marinker, Ray Jewers, Robert East, Colette Stevenson, Stacey Zuckerman.



Simon Bowman’s re-creation of young Elvis at the peak of his professional life was much praised, and Martin Shaw’s portrayal of a legend in decay was similarly acclaimed. The writing and liberties taken with the real life-story were criticised, but the show itself was a great hit with the critics, and won the Evening Standard Best Musical of the Year award. The production originated at Liverpool Playhouse.

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