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Book of Mormon (The) (2011)

Eugene O'Neill Theatre
Broadway - Etats-Unis

24/03/2011 > ??? (En cours)

Détails de cette production  


Eugene O'Neill Theatre - Broadway - Etats-Unis


Première Preview: jeudi 24 février 2011
Première: jeudi 24 mars 2011
Dernière: Open end - Réservation ouverte jusqu'au dimanche 11 septembre 2016



Mise en scène:
Casey Nicholaw • Trey Parker
Casey Nicholaw


Les critiques sont excellentes:

"A newborn, old-fashioned, pleasure-giving musical has arrived." Ben Brantley for New York Times
"The show is blissfully original, irreverent, outspoken and hilarious. And all that's tucked inside good -- no, great -- old-fashioned musical." Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News
"It’s a fiendishly well-crafted, hilariously smart — or maybe smartly hilarious — song-and-dance extravaganza. The show’s a hoot. The show’s a hit." Elisabeth Vincentelli for New York Post
"Like several shows this season, “Book of Mormon” is too long and comes close to wearing out its welcome before redeeming itself with a strong second act. And like most 12-year-old-boys, it isn’t nearly as nasty as it would have us believe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that." Jeremy Gerald for Bloomberg
"Manages to combine outrageous parody, solid storytelling, and sympathetic yet goofy characters." David Sheward for Back Stage
"One of the most purely enjoyable musicals in years." Robert Feldberg for The Record
"Brilliantly original, hysterically funny and tunefully irresistible." Roma Torre for NY1
"In a season of tuners mostly derived from old movies, stories and songs, it’s a gold-plated Broadway miracle to encounter something so new and audaciously fresh in every respect of the word." Michael Sommers for Newsroom Jersey
"The defining quality of this hugely entertaining show is its sweetness... One of the freshest original musicals in recent memory. It has tuneful songs, clever lyrics, winning characters, explosive laughs and disarmingly intimate moments." David Rooney for Hollywood Reporter
"Every song enhances the hilarity, expert staging heightens every gag, and the cast of fresh faces is blissfully good… Approaches musical-comedy Rapture" Steven Suskin for Variety



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D'autres versions de cette oeuvre

Version 1

Eugene O'Neill Theatre à Broadway (Original Broadway)
Durée : 5 ans 5 mois 3 semaines Se joue actuellement
Nombre : 28 previews -
Première Preview : jeu 24 février 2011
Première : jeu 24 mars 2011
Dernière : Open end, ouvert actuellement jusqu'au dim 11 septembre 2016
Mise en scène : Casey Nicholaw • Trey Parker
Chorégraphie : Casey Nicholaw
Avec :
Commentaires :
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Version 2

Prince of Wales Theatre à Londres (Original London)
Durée : 3 ans 1 semaine Se joue actuellement
Nombre :
Première Preview : lun 25 février 2013
Première : jeu 21 mars 2013
Dernière : Open end, ouvert actuellement jusqu'au sam 02 avril 2016
Mise en scène : Casey Nicholaw • Trey Parker
Chorégraphie : Casey Nicholaw
Avec : Gavin Creel (Elder Price), Jared Gertner (Elder Cunningham), Mark Anderson, Stephen Ashfield, Benjamin Brook, Daniel Buckley, Daniel Clift, Ashley Day, Terry Doe, Candace Furbert, Patrick George, Nadine Higgin, Tyrone Huntley, Evan James, Chris Jarman, Michael Kent, Alexia Khadime, Matt Krzan, Oliver Liddert, Daniel McKinley, Luke Newton, Terel Nugent, Haydn Oakley, Olivia Phillip, Lucy St. Louis, Giles Terera, Kayi Ushe, Tosh Wanogho-Maud, Liam Wrate
Commentaires :
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