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Cambridge Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Ronald “Budgie” Bird is a petty crook and no-hoper always looking for easy money and dreaming of becoming a Soho king-pin. His world is one of gamblers, strippers, hawkers, barkers and villains. He is entrusted with the loot of a killer on the run. Having already spent £1000 of it before the murderer returns, Budgie makes up the difference by selling a stripper’s unwanted baby. He continually lets down his long-suffering girlfriend, Hazel (“Slag Number 2”) while trying to avoid his estranged wife (“Slag
Number 1”).


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: mardi 18 octobre 1988
Dernière: samedi 21 janvier 1989



Mise en scène:
Jonathan Lynn
Anthony Van Laast
Adam Faith (Budgie Bird), Anita Dobson (Hazel), John Turner (Charlie Endell), Caroline O’Connell (Lulu), Catherine Terry (Helga), Gareth Marks, Julian Littman, Alexandra Worrall



The attempts to turn these unsavoury characters into warm-hearted, loveable Soho folk, even included the winos sleeping in the gutters suddenly joining in a jolly knees-up type chorus. This was Adam Faith’s musical theatre debut, and a number of people asked “What’s a nice guy like you doing in a show like this?”

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