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Carrie (1997)

Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Stratford-Upon-Avon - Angleterre

13/02/1988 > 05/03/1988

Détails de cette production  


Royal Shakespeare Theatre - Stratford-Upon-Avon - Angleterre


Première Preview: samedi 13 février 1988
Première: samedi 13 février 1988
Dernière: samedi 05 mars 1988



Mise en scène:
Terry Hands
Debbie Allen


TIME OUT LONDON - by Jane Edwardes - 2/24/1988 : "It always did seem like a bad idea to turn Stephen King's chilling horror-story novel into a musical and events have sadly proved one right. This is the kind of show that will drive people out of the theatre and into the cinema for years to come. Where dePalma's film capiltalised on the medium's resources to create an apocalyptic finale for the revenge of the psychic Carrie on her high school tormentors; this musical, with its banal lyrics and disco score, cops out on the horror, and presents a line-up of precocious chorus girls calculated to appeal to the tired businessman rather than an honest portrait of the agonies of pre-pubescence. It was apparently all right for millons of film-goers to watch Carrie at the onset of her first period being pelted with sanitary towels and tampons, but not for the Broadway and Stratford theatre-goers who have to settle for an outbreak of teasing that wouldn't discomfort a blushing bride. As Carrie's mother, poor Barabra Cook has switches uneasily between half-hearted monster and over-protective mum. Even so, her voice and that of Linzi Hateley's as Carrie are almost the only redeeming features in the show. The structure switches mechanically from thier melodic hymnal duets to the pelvic thrusts of the high school as kind-hearted Sue (in pink) arranges for Carrie to go to the Prom while wicked Chris (in red) persuades her boyfriend (in a white codpiece) to organise her revenge. Ralph Kotai has produced a spectacular white set climaxing in a flight of steps the full length of the stage and it is typical of Terry Hands inept production that he can think of nothing to do with them. And the pig's blood that we are waiting for? No dramatic drop, just a pail plonked on the poor girls head. Shame on the RSC for housing such a tawdry event."



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Version 1

Royal Shakespeare Theatre à Stratford-Upon-Avon (Original)
Durée : 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : sam 13 février 1988
Première : sam 13 février 1988
Dernière : sam 05 mars 1988
Mise en scène : Terry Hands
Chorégraphie : Debbie Allen
Avec :
Commentaires :
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Version 2

August Wilson Theatre à Broadway (Original Broadway)
Durée :
Nombre : 18 previews - 5 représentations
Première Preview : jeu 28 avril 1988
Première : jeu 12 mai 1988
Dernière : dim 15 mai 1988
Mise en scène : Terry Hands
Chorégraphie : Debbie Allen
Avec : Margaret White … Betty Buckley
Carrie White … Linzi Hateley
Miss Gardner … Darlene Love
Sue … Sally Ann Triplett
Chris … Charlotte d'Amboise
Tommy … Paul Gyngell
Billy … Gene Anthony Ray
Jamie … Jamie Beth Chandler
Cath … Catherine Coffey
Michéle … Michele DuVerney
Commentaires :
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Version 3

Stagedoor Manor à Loch Sheldrake (NY) (Version non autorisée)
Durée :
Nombre : 2 représentations
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : ven 30 juillet 1999
Dernière : sam 31 juillet 1999
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Avec :
Commentaires :
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Version 4

Emerson College à Boston (Revival)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : Inconnu
Dernière : Inconnu
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Avec :
Commentaires :
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