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National Theatre - Lyttelton Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Filming's not as glamorous as it's cracked up to be. It's a bit of a miserable business if your caravan leaks, your co-star's a manic depressive, and those younger women aren't so young any more. Carrying on in the great tradition of British comedy, Terry Johnson's new play takes some familiar faces and gets a bit familiar with them.


Première Preview: samedi 05 septembre 1998
Première: lundi 21 septembre 1998
Dernière: samedi 16 janvier 1999



Mise en scène:
Terry Johnson
Geffrey Hutchings, Gina Bellman, Jacqueline Defferary, Adam Godley, Kenneth MacDonald, Samantha Spiro


ROBERT HANKS of THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, "This is a marvellously enjoyable, well-acted play, and one that speaks directly to the naughty schoolboy that lurks in all of us." CHARLES SPENCER of THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "It's a lovely piece, affectionate, richly funny and hugely touching." DOMINIC CAVENDISH of THE INDEPENDENT says, "Adam Godley captures the whinnying exuberance and nasal hauteur of Williams perfectly." NICHOLAS DE JONGH of EVENING STANDARD says, "I worry that the National's financial pressures may be driving Trevor Nunn to give house-room to pleasurable though trivial frivolities like this." PETER HEPPLE of THE STAGE says, "The only character who seems truly real is Barbara Windsor, played as a genuine innocent by Samantha Spiro, whose likeness to the original is uncanny."


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