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Noel Coward Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Cripple Billy, orphaned since birth, just might have found a way off the Isle of Aran and a route all the way to Hollywood if he can persuade a small community of Islanders how much he wants to realise his dream


Première Preview: samedi 08 juin 2013
Première: mardi 18 juin 2013
Dernière: samedi 31 août 2013



Mise en scène:
Michael Grandage
Daniel Radcliffe (Cripple Billy), Ingrid Craigie (Kate Osbourne), Padraic Delaney (Bobbybabby), Sarah Greene (Helen McCormick), Gillian Hanna (Eileen Osbourne), Gary Lilburn (Doctor), Conor MacNeill (Bartley McCormick), Pat Shortt (ohnnypateenmike), June Watson (Mammy)


"Daniel Radcliffe...fine performance in the title role...The piece is theatrically effective, outstandingly acted and often disgracefully funny... I just wish the play itself wasn’t such a thoroughly nasty piece of work. "
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Michael Grandage's highly adroit revival of this dark, politically incorrect 1997 comedy by Martin McDonagh...Grandage's assured production skilfully disguises the predictable unpredictability of the plot twists...But, for my taste, McDonagh's play wants too much to have its soda bread and eat it. "
Paul Taylor for The Independent

"While Radcliffe is the production’s big draw, there’s a strong sense of ensemble in Michael Grandage's polished revival of Martin McDonagh’s mid-Nineties play. "
Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"It's a knowing play but one which [Daniel] Radcliffe invests with a sense of real feeling. With his twisted left arm and inflexible left leg, he suggests Billy's disability without overstating it. Radcliffe also has the precious gift, vital in a play full of narrative surprises, of seeming artful and vulnerable at the same time."
Michael Billington for The Guardian


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