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Haymarket Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Daytona is a play with not one but two love stories at its heart. Set in New York in 1986, Joe and Elli share a love of ballroom dancing and are practising their routines for the next big competition. Despite constant bickering, the love they have shared for nearly fifty years is clear. Then one night, out of the blue, Joe s long-lost brother Billy bursts back into their lives with an extraordinary story to tell.


Première Preview: lundi 30 juin 2014
Première: lundi 07 juillet 2014
Dernière: samedi 23 août 2014



Mise en scène:
David Grindley
Maureen Lipman (Elli), Harry Shearer (Joe) and Oliver Cotton (Billy)


"What begins as a play about the killing of a Nazi winds up as a deeply moving love story in old age, and in the final scene it transcends words as Lipman and Shearer perform a captivating quickstep together, with only Billy as their audience." Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"There's real potential in the premise; it's because of authorial clumsiness in the way the idea is handled that the play comes over as hollow and unearned." Paul Taylor for The Independent

"Daytona is overstuffed, and a lack of focus means it never drives home any of the points it seems interested in making." Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard


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