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Harold Pinter Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Mephistopheles Smith is holding a devil’s revivalist meeting in his Disco-Club Inferno PLC, a yuppiefied venue from which trainspotters, ad men and sinners are banned: only those who love sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are admitted. Entertainment is provided by “Brother” Michael Dalton (in a pink tutu) and the Fabulous Frockettes and consists of “hunky, funky and spunky” gags as they “try to get to the bottom of Sodom”


Première Preview: lundi 18 mars 1996
Première: mercredi 20 mars 1996
Dernière: samedi 06 avril 1996



Mise en scène:
Christopher Malcolm
Stacey Haynes
Richard O’Brien (Mephistopheles Smith), Michael Dalton, Debbie Scamp, Nikki Shaw, Dave Brown, Les Davidson, Nick Payn, Bill Robinson, Ed Spevock



Originally staged at the previous year’s Edinburgh Festival, this was booked into the Comedy for a limited three week run (21 performances). The critics unanimously stated this was 21 performances too many. Neil Smith for “What’s On” was representative when he wrote: “If you’re the kind of a person who likes to spend a night on the town in bondage and fishnets, you’ll probably have a ball. But if you’re the type who balks at the prospect of a bald 54-year-old making a complete dick of himself, you’d best steer well clear”

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