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Arts theatre - Main stage - Londres - Angleterre


An adaptation of the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Dorian wished for eternal youth, and got it - the portrait in the attic ages but he does not. But he uses his beauty to control, dominate and destroy. Life offers no challenges and Dorian becomes fascinated by excess, squalor, degradation and death.


Première Preview: jeudi 25 septembre 1997
Première: lundi 29 septembre 1997
Dernière: samedi 01 novembre 1997



Mise en scène:
Mehmet Ergen
Karen Rabinowitz
Marcello Walton (Dorian), Nicholas Pound (Henry), Mark Huggins (Basil), Eliza Lumley (Sybil).



A sung-through musical with a three-piece band and a cast of twelve, this was effectively a vanity production - nearly all the work of one man, David Reeves. The classic Oscar Wilde story of a man who stays young and beautiful while his portrait shows the signs of his age and decadence was intended as a study of the distance between appearance and truth. This adaptation lacked any subtlety, depth or wit and was unanimously damned as a dreadful waste of time. It lasted just one week.

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