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Duke of Yorks Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Depressed and plagued by insomnia, King Philippe V of Spain lies awake in his chamber. The Queen, desperate to find a cure, hears of Farinelli - a castrato with a voice so divine it has the power to captivate all who hear it. Even Philippe is astonished when Farinelli sings, and begs him to stay. But will Farinelli, one of the greatest celebrities of his time, choose a life of solitude over fame and fortune in the opera-houses of Europe? And will his extraordinary talent prove to be a curse rather than a blessing?


Première Preview: lundi 14 septembre 2015
Première: mardi 29 septembre 2015
Dernière: samedi 05 décembre 2015



Mise en scène:
John Dove
Mark Rylance (Philippe V), Sam Crane (Farinelli), Iestyn Davies (shared with Rupert Enticknap), Huss Garbiya (Doctor Jose Cervi), Melody Grove (Isabella Farnese), Colin Hurley (Metastasio) and Edward Peel (De la Cuadra).


'A warm, witty tribute to music and its therapeutic power'
Evening Standard

‘Claire Van Kampen’s warmingly eccentric, bewitchingly musical historical comedy-drama is compelling’
The Times

‘Enchantingly directed by John Dove’
The Independent

‘A pleasure that verges on the sublime’
The Guardian

‘Claire Van Kampen’s extraordinary story interweaves story and song'
The Guardian

'Beautifully realised…an evening of pure enchantment'
Daily Express


Transfert de la versiobn créée au Globe Theatre (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse ).

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