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National Theatre - Olivier Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Jean Seberg was an Iowa girl who had shown sympathy for black causes since she was 14. She was discovered by Otto Preminger at 17 and pitch-forked in at the deep end to play St Joan of Arc after a much publicised talent hunt. The critics gave her hell until Jean Luc Goddard’s “Breathless” made her the symbol of the New Wave. She married Romain Gary, fought with the Black Panthers and perhaps slept with some of them. She became a victim of J. Edgar Hoover’s obsessive hatred and of his smear techniques. Finally she took her own life in Paris.


Première Preview: mardi 15 novembre 1983
Première: jeudi 01 décembre 1983
Dernière: mercredi 04 avril 1984



Mise en scène:
Peter Hall
Irvin Davies
Kelly Hunter (Young Jean) Elizabeth Counsell (Older Jean), Joss Ackland (Romain Gary), John Savident (Otto Preminger), David Ryall (J. Edgar Hoover), Josephine Blake (Kate Devlin)



The show starts with her preparing the suicide, and then in a flashback fantasises a re-shooting of the Joan of Arc trial which merges into Jean Seberg’s trial, with the prosecutor being J. Edgar Hoover. Running in repertoire, it closed on April 4th 1984, having lost £800,000.

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