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Wyndham s Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Mike Bartlett reunites with Artistic Director of the Almeida Theatre, Rupert Goold in this brand new 'future history play'. The Queen is dead: after a lifetime of waiting, the prince ascends the throne. A future of power. But how to rule? This controversial piece of new writing looks at the modern state of the monarchy and the unwritten rules of democracy. Mike Bartlett examines the people underneath the crown and looks into the consciousness of Britain's most famous family.


Première Preview: mardi 02 septembre 2014
Première: jeudi 11 septembre 2014
Dernière: samedi 31 janvier 2015



Mise en scène:
Rupert Goold


"Tim Pigott-Smith gives the performance of his distinguished career as Charles. He eschews mere impersonation to convey, in the first half, a tormented idealist struggling to come to terms with his new role. He then grows into a movingly tragic figure in his baffled rage at being outmanoeuvred by members of his own family and his realisation of the hollowness of the throne." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"There are confident performances all round in Rupert Goold’s stylish production, not least from James's dynamically front-foot PM. This is undoubtedly one of the most stimulating plays of the year." Fiona Mountford for The Evening Standard

"Tim Piggott-Smith gives the performance of his career as Charles and is supported by a sterling cast who all manage to create convincing simulacra of the Royal Family without lapsing into caricature." Neil Norman for The Daily Express


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