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National Theatre - Lyttelton Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Jimmy Porter, a university-educated sweet-stall owner, and his middle-class wife Alison, are holed up in a dingy bedsit with their friend Cliff. The strains on their marriage reach crisis point with the arrival of Alison's friend Helena in their self-styled 'nut-house'..


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 15 juillet 1999
Dernière: samedi 18 septembre 1999



Mise en scène:
Gregory Hersov
Emma Fielding (Alison), Wiliam Gaunt (Colonel Redfern), Jason Huges (Cliff), Michael Sheen (Jimmy Porter), Matilda Ziegler (Helena)


THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Look forward in pleasure as Osborne's angry hero is redeemed." DOMINIC CAVENDISH of TIME OUT says, "Michael Sheen gives us a Jimmy Porter who is fearsomely alive.." The headline in THE TIMES by BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE says, "Portrait in the attic is still a treasure." THE DAILY EXPRESS says, "The great achievement of Gregory Hersov's production is that it shows us Osborne's fabulous rant is still very much a going concern." THE DAILY MAIL says, "Sheen is simply exhilarating." THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, "In the theatre - certainly at the National Theatre, where it is now excellently revived - you see simply how brilliantly Osborne knew how to write a play." THE GUARDIAN says, "It is a good play precisely because Jimmy and Alison are well-matched opponents in the endless class war." THE INDEPENDENT says, "All in all, this perfectly paced production is nothing short of a revelation." However, David Blewitt of THE STAGE says, "It has become a period piece". And goes on to say, "The feel of the time is missing."


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