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Lyric Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Backstage in her dressing room, with her long-suffering and silent dresser Mutti and her assistant, Vivian, Marlene Dietrich shares the secrets of her life, loves and sex appeal. Between interviews and make-up calls, she relates some devastating anecdotes ranging from her many lovers to her friendships with the world’s most powerful men. After an interval the show then comprises an authentic creation of Marlene Dietrich in a concert performance.


Première Preview: jeudi 03 avril 1997
Première: mardi 08 avril 1997
Dernière: samedi 06 septembre 1997



Mise en scène:
Sean Mathias
Sian Phillips (Marlene Dietrich), Lou Gish (Vivian Hoffman), Billy Mathias (Mutti)


BILL HAGERTY in THE NEWS OF THE WORLD review says “ Marlene is a remarkable experience even if, ..the text is as thin as Rizla”.

THE SUNDAY TIMES says “ It is not a play: it is a show. this is not theatre: this is show business. The writing is perky but slack.”

NICK CURTIS in the EVENING STANDARD says “The lines may be sardonically funny, but Marlene merely recycles old myths about showbiz glamour.”


Sian Phillips created a supremely faithful vocal and physical impression of the real Marlene Dietrich, the great survivor. Her performance was universally praised, portraying what Sheridan Morley called “a musical Mother Courage” and providing a constant reminder of what could be done by sheer chemistry of the human spirit alone.

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