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Phoenix Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


The Chichester family, Mother, Alaric and Ethel are broke, but hope to inherit a substantial sum from a relative’s will. They are shocked to find the money is left to Peg O’Connell, a young niece from New York, who is considered to be rather “common” and loud. However, Mrs Chichester will receive £1000 a year if she acts as governess and chaperone. Peg and her dog Mickey arrive - unaware of the financial set-up. Peg finds the family a bit too starchy and formal, and gets on better with Dora, the housemaid, and Bennett, the parlour-maid. She also becomes very friendly with the ordinary man she knows as “Jerry” (not knowing he is Sir Gerald, the family solicitor.) Mrs Chichester wants Alaric to marry Peg (for the money), but Peg turns him down in a kindly way - she has fallen in love with “Jerry” - but Jerry tells her the truth about her inheritance and says his pride will not let him marry her - the interest on her money will earn more in one year than he will in five. Peg announces she never liked money anyway, and will give it to the servants and to the Chichesters so they can all live happily ever after. Everyone raises a toast to “Peg O’ My Heart” and to a happy and peaceful New Year - 1914.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 12 avril 1984
Dernière: samedi 11 août 1984



Mise en scène:
Ian Judge
Sheila Falconer
Sian Phillips (Mrs Chichester), Edward Duke (Alaric Chichester), Patricia Michael (Ethel Chichester), Martin Smith (Sir Gerald Adair), Ann Morrison (Peg O’Connell),), Julia Sutton (Bennett), Liza Sadovy (Dora), Kim Smith , David McAlister, John Hewer.



Based on the play “Peg O’ My Heart” by J. Hartley Manners, it was felt to be sugary sentiment and totally unbelievable. Critical reaction of the show was almost universally damning: “If the show had never opened a large number of people would have been spared the misery of having to work on it, and a small number of people would have been spared the misery of having to sit through it.”

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