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Queen's Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Sammy Shaw, star of the wartime radio show “Variety Bandwagon”, is anxious to persuade the Americans to come into the war. His show is broadcasting its first live link-up with the States but everything goes wrong thanks to air-raids - (“Bloody Nazis: first Poland, then France, now the ventriloquists”). Then the new producer, Heathcliffe Bultitude, starts censoring the script, and Sammy’s sweet-voiced sweetheart, Olive, seems to be enraptured by the visiting Hollywood star, Gary Strong. Jeeps, the sound effects man, seems to think banging coconut shells together is an appropriate introduction to Eddie Cantor. Sammy’s sidekick, Wilf, a good-hearted spiv, adds to the general chaos as the bombs begin to fall.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 15 octobre 1992
Dernière: samedi 16 janvier 1993



Mise en scène:
David Gilmore
Anthony Van Laast
Tony Slattery (Sammy Shaw), Peter Rutherford (Heathcliffe Bultitude), Kathryn Evans (Olive), Jeff Shankley (Gary Strong), James Buller (Jeeps), Amy Chapman, Wilfred Davies, Tamzin Outhwaite, Martin Eyre, Linda Mae Brewer



Following a try-out at Birmingham Rep, this show came into London on the skirts of the hugely successful “Me and My Girl”. With its total emphasis on nostalgia the older critics loved it, while the younger ones were mystified. It ran for three months.

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