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Old Vic - Londres - Angleterre


Henry is a successful and talented playwright married to Charlotte, an actress playing the lead in his current play about adultery. Her co-star and friend Max, is married to Annie, also an actor. Henry and Annie have fallen in love but is it any more real than the subjects in Henry s play? As the story unravels, Henry discovers that love - the real thing - can be unpredictable and painful.


Première Preview: samedi 10 avril 2010
Première: mercredi 21 avril 2010
Dernière: samedi 05 juin 2010



Mise en scène:
Anna Mackmin
Toby Stephens (Henry), Barnaby Kay (Max), Hattie Morahan (Annie), Fenella Woolgar (Charlotte), Jordan Young, Tom Austen, Louise Calf.


"Fine revival." Benedict Nightingale for The Times

"Marvellous." Michael Coveney for The Independent

"It gets richer with each viewing; and, even if Anna Mackmin's revival is not flawless, it deftly shows how Stoppard puts structural ingenuity to the service of emotional truth.." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"The play is intimately concerned with language. Though that may make it sound overwhelmingly artful, it satisfies deeply as entertainment." Henry Hitchings's for The Evening Standard

"For the performances of Mr [Toby]Stephens and Miss [Hattie] Morahan alone, this over-complex tale is worth seeing." Quentin Letts for The Daily Mail

"It’s a glorious play, in which Stoppard’s wit and intellectual rigour is warmed by the glow of romance." Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph


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