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Trafalgar Studios 1 - Londres - Angleterre


The late Roy Orbison’s life story is told t his son Wesley by his father’s best friend, Bobbie Blackburn. His real-life story was a dramatic one: young wife killed in a motorcycle accident, infant children die in fire, fame, followed by 20 years in the Wilderness, then back on top again, only to suffer a heart attack. During his career he appeared alongside artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Dusty Springfield, Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline and the Beatles - and various cast members shared these roles, creating a gripping life-story and
some great music.


Première Preview: jeudi 19 octobre 1995
Première: jeudi 19 octobre 1995
Dernière: dimanche 10 mars 1996



Mise en scène:
Bill Kenwright • Ian Kellgren
Larry Branson (Roy Orbison), James Carroll Jordan (Bobbie Blackburn), Stephen Tremblay (Wesley Orbison), Martin Glyn-Murray (Bruce Springsteen), Catherine Porter (Claudette, Mrs Orbison) Sophy Ackroyd , Paul Besterman, Shelley Blond, Rob Jarvis, Kevin Jones, Dave Mayberry, Anne Smith



This show was transfered from Piccadilly Theatre.
Larry Branson bore an uncanny resemblance to Roy Orbison and had toured the USA for several years in a tribute show. In May 1995 the cast was joined by P. J. Proby with his own 15 minute spot, and the show underwent a few changes, being re-named from "Only the lonely" to “The Roy Orbison Story”.

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