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Gielgud Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Mrs Clandon is an emancipated “new woman”, who, living abroad, has brought up her three children in ignorance of the identity of their father for no more reason than “he is a brute”. Back in England and on holiday in Torquay the elder daughter, Gloria, falls in love with Valentine, an impecunious dentist from a totally different social class. And, to make matters worse, they all suddenly bump into the long-ignored Mr Clandon in Torquay. These family crises are accompanied and served by Walter the Waiter, hilariously stealing every scene.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 17 septembre 1992
Dernière: samedi 10 octobre 1992



Mise en scène:
Gillian Lynne
Gillian Lynne
Elizabeth Counsell (Mrs Clandon), John Turner (Crampton Clandon), Teresa Banham (Gloria), Edward Petherbridge (Walter), Alexander Hanson (Valentine), Edward de Souza, Amanda Dainty, Eileen Battye, Nicky Adams



Based on George Bernard Shaw’s play “You Never Can Tell”, this had originated at the Minerva Studio in Chichester. It did not transfer comfortably to the larger Globe Theatre, and received very mixed reviews. It came off very quickly.

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