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Piccadilly Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Première Preview: mardi 27 novembre 2012
Première: mardi 11 décembre 2012
Dernière: samedi 29 juin 2013



Mise en scène:
Paul Garrington
Lynn Page


"There's nothing really wrong with Jennifer Saunders' script, although there are moments where the plot fairly obviously exists solely to crowbar another 90s hit into proceedings...the real problem is the songs. For one thing, there aren't enough memorable hits in a career that lasted for three albums to support two hours of theatre..."
Alexis Petridis for The Guardian

"I’ll tell you what I wanted, what I really, really wanted – I wanted this terrible show to stop...This musical is tawdry, lazy and unedifying."
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"The Spice Girls’ songs, with their clever hooks and catchy rhythms, are better at projecting an attitude than fleshing out a dramatic situation and it also indicates marked deficiencies in Jennifer Saunders’ charmless, messy, lacklustre book. Not only does her script rarely give you that necessary gleeful sense of expectancy about where the songs are going to be shoe-horned in, but it’s embarrassingly derivative of Mamma Mia! and looks way past its sell-by date in its utterly surprise-free satiric swipe at X Factor."
Paul Taylor for The Independent

"The narrative lumbers along packed with large dollops of dull dialogue, leaving one longing for another musical interlude."
Lisa Martland for The Stage

"There’s not enough infectious silliness or maverick spirit. Only during the encore (which is the evening's highlight) do we get a sense of the camp, irreverent show this might have been."
Henry Hitchings for Evening Standard


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Version 1

Piccadilly Theatre à Londres (Original)
Durée : 6 mois 2 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : mar 27 novembre 2012
Première : mar 11 décembre 2012
Dernière : sam 29 juin 2013
Mise en scène : Paul Garrington
Chorégraphie : Lynn Page
Avec :
Commentaires :
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Généralités: Histoire, thèmes et particularités


Tells the story of a beautiful, talented girl and her best friends who get swept up in the obsession of today’s TV celebrity culture. As she follows her dream, the musical charts her journey into the world of overnight fame and its impact on her relationships with her mother and the friends she thought she’d have forever. From London to Spain and back again, as they confront the bitter reality of fame and as the world judges her, she and her mother learn to empower themselves and be who they really want to be.


1 Viva forever peut-être considéré comme un juke-box musical autour de la musique de Spice Girls


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Version 1

Viva forever (2012-12-Piccadilly Theatre-London) (Original)
Durée : 6 mois 2 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : mardi 27 novembre 2012
Première : mardi 11 décembre 2012
Dernière : samedi 29 juin 2013
Mise en scène : Paul Garrington
Chorégraphie : Lynn Page
Avec :
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