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Trafalgar Studios 1 - Londres - Angleterre


Jane, a young Virginian farm-girl, wakes up in the night feeling she is missing out on something. She decides to find some excitement by visiting a school friend in New York. On the train she meets Andi, a temptress, who invites her to spend a girls’ night out in a nightclub called Voyeurz. In the club, scantily clad girls fondle themselves and the odd bits of scaffolding and, for some reason, Jane ends up in a cage, watching their multi-orgasmic activities and filming them with a camcorder. This is then projected onto a large screen above the stage. The Club’s owner, Eve, encourages Jane to join in a series of Lesbian games, some S&M activities, a lot of groping , and some games with sex toys. As the activities reach their “climax”, Jane wakes up again, back in her bed in Virginia - and it’s all been a dream.


Première Preview: vendredi 12 juillet 1996
Première: lundi 22 juillet 1996
Dernière: samedi 14 septembre 1996



Mise en scène:
Michael Lewis • Peter Rafelson
Bunty Mathias • Annabel Haydn
Sally Anne Marsh (Jane), Krysten Cummings (Andi), Natasha Kristie (Eve), Robert Nurse (Pretty Boy Lloyd), Marcus J. McCue (Zephyr), Belinda Chapman (Cruel Ella), Lisa Torun (Chakra Calm)




Michael White, famous for “Rocky Horror Show” and “Oh Calcutta”, had apparently invested £1 million in this lavish “adult entertainment”. The publicity said that he hoped people would leave the theatre “wanting to have sex - with whatever and homever”. Inevitably the show was totally derided by the critics, claiming it offered not just simulated sex, but simulated singing, dancing and acting and a simulated book and music. It came off after 8 weeks having lost its entire investment.

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